Great customer service helps generate valuable word of mouth advertising

"Word of mouth is the oldest form of advertising, but it's also the most effective by a long shot."

– Terry O’Reilly, Host of the Radio Program Under the Influence

Word of mouth is your best promotion

There are two reasons why word of mouth is the best way to promote your products/services and attract new customers:

  1. People trust recommendations from friends and family. So word of mouth will help you gain more customers than posting a photo on Instagram or running an ad online.
  2. It costs you nothing. Zip. Nada. You don’t need a huge marketing budget with a complicated strategy to hit multiple type of media. You simply let your customers do the talking.

The question is...

How do you generate word of mouth promotion for your business? One of the keys is outstanding customer service. In his Under the Influence radio program, Terry O’Reilly uses the example of the home-building industry.

The typical home builder generates about 6-8 percent of sales through word of mouth referrals. However, one company sells 48 percent of homes to people who heard about the builder from existing customers. That’s six times higher than the average home builder!

How does this company do it?

Superior customer service.

For example, they send packing boxes to families a few weeks before their moving date. And on the day of the move they have a pizza delivered to the house, knowing that the family will be too busy and tired to cook.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply say that you offer great customer service. You have to actually do it – every single day. And you need to be able to track customer satisfaction and must quickly fix a problem when something goes wrong.

That’s where ExperienceStream comes in. We would love to chat about how our powerful software can help you to monitor customer satisfaction and deliver great service – every single day. And get word of mouth working for you.