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Candid, honest feedback tailored to meet your core company values. ExperienceStream ensures a fast, discreet and accurate collection of information that goes above and beyond traditional techniques.

ExperienceStream measures the right information at the right time from the right people and uses the data to psychologically motivate the qualitative self-growth and improvement of every individual.

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ExperienceStream collects feedback at a time when the consumer's experience is fresh and accurate. Our technology does not rely on customer's actively creating a connection to provide insight needed to improve.

Performance quality ecosystem

for service oriented businesses 




...a software and hardware combination that drives continued self-motivated employee performance improvement in the customer service sector. Our system records the collective mind of customers through questions set to support company culture, aligning employee growth with the long term goals of your company.

Engaging Maslow's Hierarchy, our direct to employee results motivate employee self-awareness while minimizing individual employee performance management. Management receives critical and outstanding reports, allowing for action where required.

Our crowdsourced feedback removes traditional bias, allowing for an undeniable picture of performance quality that is no longer dependent on a single individual effectively delivering feedback to an employee who is willing to improve.

ExperienceStream is an inclusive technology, ideally located at point-of-exit to increase engagement, appreciation and sense of control. Our technology captures the true crowd wisdom of your customers.

Leverage traditional managing with our organic pursuit of quality that is grounded in true crowd wisdom and Maslow's psychology of personal motivation.

Why it works?