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Powerful virtual management system

ExperienceStream is a virtual management assistant, on duty 24/7

Outstanding customer service keeps people coming back to your business again and again, boosting your sales and profits. But you need reliable data to deliver great service every time.

Fortunately, there is a solution: ExperienceStream, a dynamic customer service management program
that collects feedback, analyzes it and takes the guesswork out of keeping clients satisfied.

“I find it really cool to receive daily feedback reports on how we are doing. I can review them on my phone in just a few minutes.”
Brent Laderoute – General Manager, McKibbin’s Irish Pub
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“When I am not there, I can see if the employees are still doing a good job.”
Maude Rivest-Beaudoin – Store Manager, Bilboquet
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“The response rate was great. As a non-profit, having actual data attached to a program is super helpful.”
Madison Hainstock – Community Programs Manager, Loving Spoonful
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“More than 30 percent of attendees answered, double the usual response using SurveyMonkey.”
Sandrine Théard – TRUMontréal Recruiting
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“ExperienceStream helped us to sell more tickets because online readers saw that the audience loved the preview.”
Billy Guo – Director, Yu Theatre Company
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What is ExperienceStream?

It’s a virtual assistant manager who works 24/7, providing you with valuable reports and allowing you to solve service problems immediately. This is all for a small monthly outlay.

ExperienceStream helps smooth operations and improve staff performance.

It engages your entire team around the goals of better service and higher revenues.
These days, brick and mortar operations are fighting back against online shopping.
The keys to winning this battle are offering superior customer service and presenting a wonderful experience. ExperienceStream helps to deliver both.
We invite you to email us for a free chat about how ExperienceStream can improve customer service, grow revenues and increase profits. Or read on to learn more!

The ExperienceStream System

the customer observation driven management assistant

collection terminal or tactile screen
geofencing beacon
thermal printer
ExperienceStream software
ExperienceStream mobile app
integration on all your devices
ExperienceStream Engage*
Find out if the ExperienceStream system can bring you value.

Here’s how it works:


Gather customer feedback


Analyze detailed, informative reports


Make strategic decisions


Build sales and profits

Increased Response Rate
Durable, Inviting Kiosk
Improve Operations
Improve Social Media Reviews
Increased Employee Engagement
Increased Revenues

Tap the power of ExperienceStream

Fix problems in real time

When clients take tap ExperienceStream you get immediate results. ExperienceStream delivers alerts directly to your phone – allowing you to address issues right away before the complaints pile up.
With online surveys and mystery shopper reviews, you have to wait for the data. However, by that time a disgruntled customer has spread the word to other people or perhaps posted a review online. Other customers may be experiencing the same problem, causing an avalanche of negative feedback.

With ExperienceStream, the solution is simple:

  1. A problem is identified
  2. Managers remedy it immediately
  3. The complaints stop and the compliments pour in again

Motivate and engage staff

With ExperienceStream, clients can provide specific feedback about the employee who served them. Positive comments let you thank and recognize team members. Poor results give you a heads up to coach staff to improve their service.
ExperienceStream reports are a great way to appreciate staff for their dedication. At busy times, restaurant servers and retail staff can be stressed. Managers can ease the burden by sharing the ExperienceStream data and compliment them on their outstanding work.

Avoid nasty reviews

Many businesses rely on favourable posts on social media to gain new customers. However, sometimes things go wrong. If a client gives a negative evaluation on ExperienceStream, the system can automatically apologize and generate a coupon for them. As the business manager, you control the coupon offers – such as a discount on a future visit or special prices on products.

When the client leaves your business, they will be feeling more positive and may drop the idea of posting a negative review.

Understand your market and drive operations

Online surveys and mystery shoppers provide only tiny amounts of data. With ExperienceStream you collect enough information to provide powerful evidence to support decision-making about customer preferences and market trends.
In addition, you can use ExperienceStream’s sophisticated data analysis capability to improve productivity and increase profitability.
For example, your reports may indicate that you are receiving negative feedback at certain times of the day when staff are very busy. By deploying your team efficiently, you can increase customer satisfaction – and your profits.

Please get in touch for a free demo on how ExperienceStream can help your organization.