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Turn customer feedback
into marketing opportunities


The customer experience survey sector faces many challenges. Most consumers ignore survey requests due to the sheer volume – via receipts, online and phone.
It’s time for a new approach. ExperienceStream is a sophisticated survey system that takes customer feedback and turns it into revenue. With it, you can:

  • Market new goods and services
  • Engage employees
  • Minimize nasty social media reviews
  • Increase sales

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Or read on to find out what ExperienceStream can do for you.

“When I am not there, I can see if the employees are still doing a good job.”

Maude Rivest-Beaudoin – Store Manager, Bilboquet

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“I find it really cool to receive daily feedback reports on how we are doing. I can review them on my phone in just a few minutes”

Brent Laberoute – General Manager, McKibbin’s Irish Pub

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“The response rate was great. As a non-profit, having actual data attached to a program is super helpful”

Madison Hainstock – Community Programs Manager, Loving Spoonful

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What is ExperienceStream?

It’s a customer data collection and analysis system
that uses an in-store kiosk to conduct customer experience surveys.
ExperienceStream is ideal for retail stores, restaurants and other brick-and-mortar operations.
It allows consumers to provide feedback quickly – in six seconds or less!

  • Touch screen lets customers provide feedback in seconds
  • Built-in printer generates
    marketing vouchers to grow sales
  • Sturdy kiosk, with option of customization to
    display your logo and corporate colours
  • Easy-to-read management reports
    allow you to track performance
    and coach employees


  • Staff can view their
    individual results
    at the kiosk or on their
    phones via our app

Why a kiosk?


Most survey systems gather feedback online or through a code on a customer receipt.

The problem?

The response rate is dismal – around 3 percent of customers. We knew there had to be a better way – and with ExperienceStream there is.

The kiosk is placed right at your store, capturing feedback while the experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind.

The result:

A response rate of 27 percent – nine times that of survey requests on customer receipts.

How does the system market
my business and build revenues?

The beauty of ExperienceStream is that it is much more than a survey. It is a
powerful marketing tool. After a customer takes the survey, the system can
generate a customized coupon to thank them and encourage them to revisit the

The coupon options are almost endless:

  • Savings on a new product that you are introducing
  • Discounts on days or times when your business needs more revenue
  • Special incentives with a minimum purchase

Best of all, managers can change the coupons at any time or customize them
for specific customers. As coupons are redeemed, you have the opportunity
to track results and tweak the coupon program.

It all adds up to more customer visits and higher revenues.

How does ExperienceStream keep employees engaged and improve customer service?

ExperienceStream offers customers the opportunity to rate restaurant servers and retail employees. It can even show survey-takers photos of staff to make it easy to identify the person who served them.

Best of all, employees receive results in real-time.
At the end of their shift, they can see whether customer interactions were positive. This motivates staff to work hard to please each and every client.

Sharing great feedback builds your team and creates a supportive workplace.



How does it protect me from negative reviews on social media?

We all know the power of social media, with a handful of negative comments
going viral and seriously damaging businesses. While we cannot guarantee that
your reviews will all be glowing, we can stop bad reviews before they happen.


Here’s how it works:

  • A disgruntled customer uses ExperienceStream to provide negative feed-
    back about their food or service.
  • ExperienceStream immediately generates and prints a coupon apologizing
    for the problem and providing a discount for a future visit.
  • The customer leaves your store feeling better and the number of negative
    online reviews is reduced.

Our store is very busy and sometimes crowded.

Is the ExperienceStream kiosk durable?


The kiosk is constructed from high-quality materials and designed for high-traffic areas.
It can take an occasional bump from customers. Each kiosk includes a sturdy base, a touch screen, a computer and a thermal printing device. When the paper runs out, it’s easy for the store manager to add new stock.
If it is shut off, the computer will reboot itself – so there is very little downtime with ExperienceStream.

Can ExperienceStream improve my operations and increase profitability?


The system includes sophisticated data analysis capabilities that allow you to adjust staffing and save costs. For example, it will tell you if you are receiving negative feedback at certain times of the day when staff are particularly busy. By deploying your team efficiently, you can increase your profits – and your customer satisfaction.