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The beauty of ExperienceStream is that it is much more than a survey. It is a powerful marketing tool. After a customer takes the survey, the system can generate a customized coupon to thank them and encourage them to revisit the store.

The coupon options are almost endless:

  • Savings on a new product that you are introducing
  • Discounts on days or times when your business needs more revenue
  • Special incentives with a minimum purchase

Best of all, managers can change the coupons at any time or customize them for specific customers. As coupons are redeemed, you have the opportunity to track results and tweak the coupon program.

It all adds up to more customer visits and higher revenues.
For a small monthly fee, you get an assistant manager on duty 24/7. It’s a fraction of the cost of a staffer assigned to boost team engagement and ensure outstanding customer service.
The Payoff:

Delighted customers return again and again, growing your revenues. If there is a customer service issue, ExperienceStream helps you to resolve it quickly before a negative review is posted and goes viral. The bottom line – growing revenues and profits.

ExperienceStream offers customers the opportunity to rate restaurant servers and retail employees. It can even show survey-takers photos of staff to make it easy to identify the person who served them.

Team members receive results at the end of their shift. This motivates staff to work hard to please each and every client. Sharing great feedback strengthens your team and creates a supportive workplace.
At ExperienceStream, we offer both options since it depends on your business.

You may wish to have a tablet available near the cash so that clients can quickly provide their feedback. Alternatively, you can place an ExperienceStream kiosk near the exit and encourage people to tap. Either way, you will find that the response rate is much higher than a survey invitation on customer receipts – up to nine times greater.

We’d be pleased to help you choose the best option for your business. Click here for a free consultation.

The kiosk is durable and is designed for high-traffic areas. It can take an occasional bump from customers. Each kiosk includes a sturdy base, a touch screen, a computer and a thermal printing device. When the paper runs out, it’s easy for the store manager to add new stock. If the computer is shut off, it will reboot itself – so there is very little downtime with ExperienceStream.

Rest easy, it’s simple!

We’ll help you every step of the way, from preparing the feedback questions to interpreting the reports. You’ll quickly find that ExperienceStream becomes a time-saving tool since it gathers data automatically and helps to solve problems without your managers having to intervene.

Most survey systems gather feedback online or through a code on a customer receipt.

The problem?

The response rate is dismal (around 3 percent of customers)

We knew there had to be a better way – and with ExperienceStream there is.

The kiosk is placed right at your store, capturing feedback while the experience is still fresh in the customer’s mind.

The result:

A response rate of 27 percent – nine times that of survey requests on customer receipts.

We’re confident that ExperienceStream can help you improve customer service, refine operations and build revenues. Give us a call at 1-844-825-8325to learn more!